Friday, 17 October 2008

About Me

So, first things first, I would like to welcome you to hello gorgeous design, a brand new venture for 2010!  Handmade jewellery created with Karen Hill Tribe/Sterling Silver and the most gorgeous of gemstones.  Custom pieces for you to own and treasure.  I hope you will be inspired by my creations, enough to want to own one of your own!

Let me introduce myself - my name is Sue Hodgkinson, I live with my husband, 3 boys, 2 cats and a dog!  We live in the city and have a normal lifestyle - well as "normal" as it can be with three teenagers! I do personally yearn for a more quieter pace of life.  I would love to move close to the sea, there's something about the expanse of water that makes me feel calm.

So grab a coffee, pull up a chair and browse through my creations, read my ramblings and if you like - leave a comment - I promise I will chat, listen, laugh, share, hug and, if pushed dance with you!

Thanks for visiting! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx