First things first, I would like to welcome you to the blog and, of course, hello gorgeous design.

The blog will lay bare my daily thoughts, interests, observations, wish lists, questions and interviews {with other artists in various fields in blogland} along with updates on my new found passions.

I should introduce myself - Hi, I'm Sue, I live with my husband, 3 sons and a diabetic dog named Millie. We live in the city and have a normal lifestyle...well, as "normal" as normal is perceived. I would love to move overlooking the sea, maybe that's one for when I retire or when the kids finally move out ;o) ...there's just something about the expanse of water that makes me feel calm and in turn life seems to be that little bit easier....maybe it's psychological, but if it works that's good enough for me.

So grab a coffee, put your feet up for a while and browse through the pages, read my ramblings and if you like - leave a comment - I promise I will chat, listen, laugh, share, hug and, if pushed share cake with you!

Thanks for visiting! ;o)

hello gorgeous xxx