Sunday, 18 July 2010 the South Pacific!

Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy. Since the middle of the 19th century, it also has come to be used as an English greeting to say goodbye and hello. Currently, it is mostly used in the sense of hello
{source: wikipedia}

SO I'd like you to say Aloha to this fabulous creation by
 Cindy Wimmer @ Sweet Bead Studio

isn't it gorgeous!!!

Cindy was having a giveaway on her blog to say THANK YOU to all her blogging followers/ friends -

"for those of you who are no where near the beach….if I could package up the feel of the warm sand under your toes, or the sound of the crashing waves, or that delicious ocean breeze…I would" 
{Cindy Wimmer - Sweet Bead Studio}

Well, what's even better than looking at such a gorgeous creation is being able to have the opportunity to OWN it and guess what?

I have WON IT!!!!!!!

I'm SO excited and am already counting down the sleeps before it arrives!!!!!

Go take a look at Cindy's blog Sweet Bead Studio - she truly does have some amazing creations - it's not  surprising too as she sure feels like she truly encompasses all the Hawaiian meanings of the word ALOHA!

Have a FAB day, whatever you are doing, I know that on this drizzly Sunday mine has become a lot brighter!


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. That's some really fab cheery news for such a miserable weather day - lucky you :-D

  2. isn't it just, Chris! Got SUCH a surprise! ;o)

  3. Congratulations!! What a gorgeous necklace for this summer! :)

  4. wowser, congratulations. when you hold it up will you be able to hear the sea? i do hope so.x

  5. Congratulations! I have a piece of Cindy's jewelry (and know her personally) and you will NOT be disappointed!

  6. I was so happy to see that you won too! So glad this was a bright spot on your rainy day...and thank you for all of the kind words. :-)


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