Monday, 10 January 2011

Movie Magic!

Johnny Depp

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny! 
I watched Alice in Wonderland over the weekend, not really sure whether I would like it ~ NOT because of Johnny but because of Tim Burton!  Some of his films leave me scratching my head!

I loved it!!

 Johnny {as ever!} was brilliant! I adore how he "gets into character" in such a believeable way....I love how we see the tender side as well as the darker side to to his characters, how he interprets his roles SO well and draws us into his characters soul!  absolutely adore him as Cap'n Jack Sparrow

I'm inspired by all of his fantasy characters and really enjoyed his portrayal of John Dillinger, a bank robber, in Public Enemies.

All in all I think he is awesome out of character as well as in and personally hope he is around for a VERY long time!

Now, if only I can bring myself to watch Sweeny Todd!!! 


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. I do love him as Jack Sparrow, you just can't help yourself!!

  2. Hands off!! He's mine! Lol x

  3. I want to watch "Sweeney Todd" but haven't yet.
    "Alice" is in my NetFlix cue. But I love him best as a pirate!

  4. I've got Alice sitting here to watch and my youngest is growing his hair so he can have Jack Sparrow plaits (I won't let him have dreads which he thinks is highly unfair but he has settled for the compromise :-) ) Not to sure about Sweeney Todd watch it first!

  5. Sweeney Todd is great! JOhnny Depp & Helena Bonham-Carter work really well together, with the Tim Burton style of darkness but with a wry humour in a horrible way. And the costumes are lovely too!

  6. PS there's an awful lot of blood, look away if you're squeamish!!


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