Thursday, 15 September 2011

Giving is such a pleasure...

...but receiving can be so much fun!

Here is just some of the soup I received from my Bead Soup partner, Kristina over at Wild Roses and Blackberries

I tell ya, for someone who doesn't step foot outside these four walls around me, it's been strangely chaotic much so it has taken me an age to show you what I have received! 

Besides the loveliness above, I had a mountain of other beauties to play with including seeds beads, lucite flowers, coffee bean beads, a copper teddy, filigree connectors...I could go on and on. Most of which I have never used before so Lori's expectations for participants to push their boundaries are well and truly met in this particular soup! 

I love the clasp {seen above} but have never used one before....Kristina mentioned on her blog she would be intrigued to see how I created with it....she may be surprised at what I have done but you will have to wait until Saturday to find out, as that is the reveal day! 

Right, back to playing....see ya on Saturday for the reveal!


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Oh my gosh...a beautiful collection indeed.
    Can't wait to see your creation!!!

  2. Looking forward to Sat and all the reveals. Those are such pretty colours! :-)

  3. What gorgeous colors!!! I can't wait to see what you did with the toggle as well! :-)
    BTW, that snail shot in your Macro Sunday post is AMAZING!!! Wow! It should be on a greeting card. Would be fun to come up with cute little sayings to go with that photo!

  4. Looking forward to see what you have created. The colors are lovely and I know you will make some magic!


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