Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Stomach Flippin'...

...just a bit!

Gonna have a little play and change my template...hopefully I won't lose anything as I have saved the template as is...not sure if the blog rolls will be saved {which is what I am concerned about} would HATE to lose you all.....

Please keep your fingers {and toes} crossed it all works out


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. It's always so scary to change your blog layout...it's looking great....love the new banner. It does seem a bit wide...I have to move the slide bar at the bottom to see all of the far right column. I do miss all the pictures of those "gorgeous" pin-up girls :-).

  2. thanks for your comments Sandi..still tweaking so bear with me chick...thanks for letting me know about the width....it seems to fit my screen ??

    Don't worry about the pin-up girls...I am sure they will be back ;o)

    hugs xxx

  3. Oh nothing worse or more aggrivating!It does ft my screen don't know if you've altered it already or not Xo Good Luck!

  4. I like it Sue although it is slightly wide on my screen too :D

  5. I think it's beautiful, though I'm with two of the above, it's wide on my netbook :)

  6. Know that feeling... Perhaps a year ago, I did a big template switch on my Swedish blog and was so scared because I had so much invested in it: 1000 posts, several link lists etc. Took time to build up courage to press the button -- and even then I almost had to cover my eyes, afraid something would happen.

    Anyway, it turned out great -- just as it has for you. Love the background colour and style of your new banner!

    (on a note: I see about half the right side column, but then again I have my bookmarks on the left and no modern widescreen. If I remove the bookmark field, I see the whole column. Don't have widescreen so it happens sometimes that blogs and websites are a little too wide for my taste.)


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