Saturday, 8 November 2008

OMG!! #2! Blog Candy Winner!

This is another first for me - winning blog candy! I'm so excited! :D :D

I would like to thank the lovely Amber for picking me as the winner and hope the boys (and girls!?) enjoy their game of football, but most of all that her son has a fab day!

Thank you lovely :D
hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Wow you congratulations Sue


  2. Hi Sue,
    Congratulation on your scrumptious win. Thankyou for visiting my blog, please feel free to help yourself to the image (I did!!!) I found it on the internet - it didnt have a copy right on it - it is all for a good cause & to show we care. I know what you mean, if I could be priminister for a day - I would change all sorts! Oh well, dont think its going to happen. Hope its not to wet and rainey where you are.
    Sally. x

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog....

    You could always make some cards whilst eating the cakes, perhaps with this fabulous little

    Look forward to seeing your next creation....xx

  4. Great news on your win - enjoy. :)

    Thanks for popping over to mine - gorgeous cake you :) :) Thanks also for the lovely comment especially on my hob cover. :)


  5. Hi Thanks for your lovely comment pif is pass it forward, so when you win you make up 3 small prizes ( like the one i won) then put a card with it on your blog letting people know its pif and then the first 3 to leave you a comment win the pif and they do the same again on their blog. Hope that makes sense.

  6. Good for you!! these look like fabulous goodies..Have Fun!!...Hugs, Ila

  7. Fantastic blog candy and well done. I havent won any yet but then i havent done them for long. Love your blog, some beautiful work and posts here.
    Hugs J


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