Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Would you "Adam & Eve" it!!

that's rhyming slang for "believe" it!

Now my laptop has got a blinking virus...arghhhh!!

Using mum's to catch up with all of you and trying desperately to get virus free...but I think it may have to go off to the virus spa for a wee break!

What is WRONG with people!!!! grrrr!!


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. That is incredibly annoying!! Wouldn't you think people who have the intelligence to create viruses could use their time, brains and skills more wisely... and to earn money rather than to destroy others computers?

    1. SOOO annoying Liz! I don't see what pleasure they get from it??

      BUT, I have now sorted it, did a system restore...luckily it had only just come back from being repaired with a new hard drive so there wasn't much on there to lose {thankfully!}


  2. So disturbing isn't it??? Gosh...I hope your laptop feels better real soon! xoxo


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