Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I AM still here, I've ALWAYS been here...just not in a very "talkative" frame of mind

I've been passing by your blogs and reading all your lovely "snippets of life" and it has kept me ticking along slowly...thank you!

I've wanted to share lots of things with you over the summer but it hasn't come off, the will to do things is quite hard right now...Facebook and Instagram have been the best I could manage.  It's very frustrating, but it is what it is and I have to ride the wave as best I can...

One of the things I seem to have grown more of a liking for over the last nine months is photography...well, by photography, I actually mean taking pictures...all the complicated stuff about apertures and shutter speeds etc is slightly going over my head...I like to"do" rather than "digest", if the shot comes off, great!  If not, I have no idea why...

I upgraded my pocket Samsung point and shoot to a Panasonic Lumix FZ48 {Bridge camera}. I LOVE the quality of shots I get with makes me see everyday life as a photo opportunity now, I just need to get past feeling SO self-conscious when holding the camera.

I'm in love with Macro photography and LOVE taking photos of flowers in the garden..I have just learnt that I can actually purchase a Converter lens for the Lumix, which will give me the "in-close" shots I truly long for..I actually did a *happy dance* when I read about it here 

Here are some {edited/non-edited} shots taken this weekend at the Cardiff Harbour Festival using my new toy:

and to leave you with a little bit of awesomeness, this is what I saw when looking up whilst hanging out the washing at 7am this morning

captured on a digital zoom so it's a bit grainy.

To see my flower shots pop on over to my Flickr photstream

You can purchase my shots, pop along to my Instaprints page

Hope you're having a great week...with the kids back in school this week I suspect some of you are breathing in the silence!!


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. You have been missed!
    Love the photos and I love that you are venturing into the unknown: photography.
    The lady I work for has a photography school...we will be starting online/dvd classes soon. I'll let you know.
    I do like instagram. Follow me: busybeesuz


    1. thank you gorgeous, I'm missing being here too ;o) I've "requested" a follow on instagram <3


      hello gorgeous xxx

  2. Amazing photos Sue, you have such a natural talent!! Love love the pic of the moon. Jane :0) xxx

  3. Incredible pictures - just incredible!

  4. to fall in love with photography is such a good thing !!
    and someday, when you're ready to learn, the aperture and shutter speed and everything else will fall into place for you....


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