Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I Feel A New Purchase Coming On..... the form of the Cuttlebug, yaaay! I have questions though, when I purchase the little bug what should I also purchase - what's the thing you have used most with yours? I also would like advice on the best place to purchase it?

So, any advice is sooo appreciated
Thank You
hello gorgeous xxx


  1. that sounds exciting..a new piece of equipment!..I don't have the Cuttlebug so am no use to you..sorry.xx

  2. I use the elegant swirls and the swiss dots, happy birthday embossing folders the most, and I have new baby,thanks,bark b/ground, flowers, snowflakes and hearts. I don't have a Cuttlebug I emboss them on my Sizzix machine works just as well. Hope this helps.
    xx Vee

  3. If you haven't already gone and done it, get the Big shot instead!!! It takes all the CB dies and all the others too! I had a CB and managed to break it. The BS feels a lot more 'solid'.
    I do love all the CB embossing folders. Especially Swiss dots.
    Bet this didn't help did it! Sorry.
    Viv xx

  4. Hello Gorgeous! (I just love saying that!) I have a BigShot, and wouldn't be without it!..I have a few of the cuttlebug embossing thingies and the corner whatsits--oh and some hearts. I think I'd love more swirls and flowers...if only there was a shop near me who sold them! Love your blog


  5. Oh....PS...can I have a cook monster for my blog please!!!

  6. If you go to my blog there is an award for you.

    Jane :0)

  7. I've got a CB and find it great as I haven't got loads of room to store it. You can use practically any of the dies in it. I would say my favourite is the swiss dots.
    Hope you're doing ok.
    Julie x

  8. Please Let me know what you think of it, Im wondering if I should save up for one :) Sarah

  9. P>S I love your blog! Its really lovely :)

  10. Hiya hun, thanks for posting my candy in your swwetie jar!!

    Now about the Cuttlebug (I have a Big shot but same difference!!). If you don't have them already then the first thing to buy are some embossing folders. My favourites are Swiss Dots and Divine Swirls - love both. There are loads and some new ones coming out in the summer too so start collecting!! (Enabler? Moi?) The other essentials are nestibilities. These get a bit more expensive and there are a load that you will want (:0)) but they are brilliant.

    By the way, it has taken me about half an hour to write this because I'm totally distracted by your hunkathon slideshow - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    Caryn xxx

  11. Haha! Caryn, I'm ALWAYS distratced by my gorgeous hunks! :D

    Thanks for the info re purchasing, I have posted today about my purchase but look forward to adding to the collection! :D

    Take care lovely xxxxx


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