Monday, 1 August 2011

Who would have thought, me...

...a photographer!

Well I suppose, when you think about it, we all are!  Afterall, you don't have to be a "professional" to be a just point and shoot, don't you?

Millie: my sweet souled girl

I have captured "moments in time" throughout my life, from toddling around with toy cameras, school trips, family holidays, teenage years to having my own kids and "freeze framing" special moments: a first Christmas or birthday, cutting a tooth, first day of school etc, but all of these moments have happened IF I've had a camera on or near was never a case of  "can't leave the house without my camera", "where's my camera, I must have it with me" ~ if it happened, it happened!

A Rainy Cardiff Bay

Then, there was a looong period of not taking a single photo...I mean long, as in years! 
That was until I started creating/blogging a few years back...I would makes things, take a picture and post it on my blog...but still, that was all it was.

Last year I decided I wanted to get back on track with the garden and so started Project Flowerpot, I thought it would be nice to keep a photographic record of the garden year and to share it on my blog/facebook page...not only did I do this but also took photos of the food we were eating, books I would dive into, if we went out & about...I was snapping just about anything and everything!

Cajun chicken, Feta salad and new potatoes in seasoned olive oil

At the same time I discovered a "new love"...the Macro button! 



 If I can shoot it in Macro, I do! 

Right now flowers are my passion using the Magic Macro "get" what beauty is all about, and....I can't stop!
My camera is attached to my hip!

garden Clematis

I have to stress, I am NOT obsessed, in any way, hell I don't even "KNOW" how to take photos!

I JUST POINT AND SHOOT and hope for the best...

 Of course, there are a million photos to get just one good one, but boy when you see "the one" it's like your hearts pings!

It IS magic!

I have been participating {for the last 12 weeks} in a challenge in blogland, which takes place every Sunday called I heart Macro, hosted by link a photo you have taken in Macro mode on her blog and then bloghop to everyone else who is taking part.....

Now, I love my "novice" photos, but truly, you MUST go and take a peak at some of the submissions in this challenge...I am awestruck! 

The comments some of them have left about my entries are very inspiring too, to think they see my photo as "beautiful", "fabulous", "stunning" or "gorgeous" simply makes me smile and want to get better....although to achieve this I will definitely need to change cheap little Samsung point & shoot is not gonna cut it, quite frankly!  

underside of hanging basket during severe winter of 2010

This challenge has ignited a spark within me, I am SO inspired {I am even dreaming of cameras}...I want to be as good as these awesome photographers...

And then last week, whilst watching Countryfile on tv, my mother mentioned they announced their annual amateur photographic compeition was open and "you should send yours in"....well, I nearly snorted my coffee out through my nose! 

So I have entered! Arrgghhh! 

It's exciting just to be taking part, the winning photos will be made into a calender, with monies raised by the sale of them going to Children in Need.  Very worthwhile. 

There are 12 categories, of which you can only choose four to enter. 
The winning photo, chosen by the public, will get to choose camera equipment to the value of £1,000.  The winning photo chosen by the judges will get to choose camera equipment to the value of £500. 

As I said earlier, I am a complete novice so my expectations are not high, but being part of it is a great feeling ;o)

Here are my entries:

Category: Water Worlds {taken at Roath Park}

Category: In All Weathers {a favourite tree}

Category: Leisure and Pleasure {taken at South Beach, Pwllheli}

Category: Plant Life {a wild flower}

I'll let you know if anything happens! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. You are a wonderful photographer; a very special EYE.
    I love all your of luck to you.
    I really adore the photo of Millie sleeping...adorable.

  2. Fantastic photos! Good luck! It is wonderful to capture memories in a unique way such as photographing a great meal! Millie is so sweet. ~Val

  3. How exciting! Beautiful much depth and seen from a gorgeous eye! Good luck my dear!

  4. Your pictures are awesome...what kind of camera do you have? I just discovered my "macro" button but I don't get anything like your gorgeous shots....great job and good luck with the contest.

  5. thanks for the lovely comments ladies ;o)

    For Sandi: I have a Samsung ES19 Digital Compact Camera {} in the review it says there are lots of functions on it....I basically point and shoot!! BUT I did have a lightbulb moment yesterday that I should change the setting for whatever scene I am about to shoot...landscape, beauty shot, beach/snow etc! d'oh! MAYBE the pics would be better...who knows!

    hugs xxx

  6. What great pictures!! The dog oh that is One of a kind wonderful picture!! Look at his face lol! So well done!

  7. Millie looks so sweet!!And wonderful pictures. Kx

  8. Beautiful photography here. :-)

  9. I can relate to much of this. I didn't know photographic blogs or challenges existed when I took tentative steps into starting my own blog in January. Then I discovered people seriously liked some of my photos and things about Australia. This has stoked my passion and delight in photography and I love looking at others' photo rich blogs too!

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  11. Forgot to say I love your first two competition entries and also your white clematis photo.


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