Thursday, 4 August 2011

Colour Challenge "Riverside"

I've seen colour palettes on quite a few blogs, whilst hopping about the world, and have always wanted to create one.  There are some really gorgeous ones about. 

So this afternoon, with 5 minutes on  my hands, I decided to have a go {well, it was either that or get on with some cleaning!}   

Here's my attempt, using my entry to the Countryfile competition as inspiration...

Now, if you've got 5 minutes on your hands and feel like a challenge to create something from these colours {in whatever medium you create in/are comfortable with} I would LOVE to see it.  Just link below so we can all visit your creation ;o)

If it takes off...I just might make it a weekly thing...


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Will try and do something this weekend. Great idea!! :0) xxx

  2. I really like this idea, not sure if I have time to have a go though...will try :-)

  3. Great idea, I'll have to come back and see the entries. I'm preparing for a show and I'm really crazy busy. Wanted to comment on your beautiful pictures, LOVE THEM!


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