Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Twenty Question Tuesday

In your eyes, what’s Paradise?
This sounds a tad soppy but just being happy and healthy is Paradise enough for me.

Prized Possession
My late Mum's engagement ring.

Favourite medium to work with and why?
Well, it's got to be glass! I love the way it looks and catches the light but the thing I love most about working with glass is the fact that the resulting beads are going to be around for an absolute age. My beads are going to be around for many years to come. That's such a wonderful thought.

Flowers or chocolate?
Chocolate and preferably Hotel Chocolat chocolates at that. Yumma!

Who influenced you the most?
If we're talking from a life perspective it's my family and friends. They're nothing but encouraging and supportive of my slightly odd career as a beadmaker. If we're talking artistically then it's a bazillion-and-one people - I find inspiration from many people and places. Sorry for not being more specific there!

Who would you most like to go to Dinner with?
My fiancé of course! But if we're talking fantasy meals then I'd love to sit down and have a chat with Marian Keyes. I love her books and she comes across as a really interesting, amusing lady. And for an ooh-he's-a-bit-of-alright dinner then it'd be Rivers Cuomo from Weezer.

Top Cat or Banana Splits?
Banana Splits.

Today I wore:
Flared jeans, red T-shirt, black and white striped socks and purple Cons.

Do you have a favourite online {bead, craft or textile} place to shop and would recommend?
Oh, many. I do almost all my shopping online. But staying on topic I buy my glass from off-mandrel.com and can't speak highly enough of their fab customer service.

What inspired you to do what you do?
I just love working with hot glass. I decided to have a go at making lampwork my full time job and it seems to be working. So I guess the glass itself was the inspirational factor.

McDreamy or McSteamy?
McWho or McWho? (*Googles aforementioned McPeople*) Oh, Grey's Anatomy. Never seen it. Neither of them light my candle so I'll choose another Mc and say Ewan McGregor instead!

If you could do anything else, what would it be?
I would really like to work in a costume department. I have no qualifications or fashion skills but I really fancy the idea of having a hand in making lavish, fantastical costumes for TV and film. Think Star Wars, Baz Luhrmann movies and costume dramas. Yes, I'd like that.

Favourite item of clothing
That would be my red shoes. They're red patent leather (with just a hint of sparkle about it) Mary Jane-style affairs with a not-too-high heel and they fasten with red stain ribbons. They're dead comfy and they make me feel fabulous!

Best childhood memory
Way too many to list. I had a fantastic childhood and as such I have an array of brilliant memories.

Most cringe-worthy moment
That's got to be meeting an online friend for the first time and then hours later being sick all over her kitchen floor. I'm blushing now just thinking about it!

Favourite holiday destination
So far it's Rome. I love the place.

Which celebrity would you have as your best friend and why?
I'm going to say Kate Winslet. I don't know if she'd like me but she seems nice and doesn't act too Hollywood.

Best “crafty” tip you can offer
Carry a camera, be it an actual one or just your mobile phone camera, at all times. You never know when you'll see something that could inspire your next piece of work. The last thing I photographed with beads in mind was a bar stool. I liked the colours of it!

What’s your Star sign?
I'm a Virgo. And my goodness, let me tell you I am a proper typical Virgo. I'm a total pernickety perfectionist.

What would you most like to see happen next?
I try to never plan more than a week ahead. I take everything as it comes so whatever happens next will happen.

Thank You to the gorgeous Laura from  Beads by Laura ~ am loving the sound of those red shoes :o)  Please take the time to check out her blog/website, she truly makes the most amazing lampwork beads!


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  1. Hey that was a really good interview, well done to Laura.

  2. Thanks so much for asking me to take part in your Twenty Question Tuesday feature!

    I really enjoyed answering your questions. :o)

    Laura x

  3. Great interview and I love your blog!

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments left here :o)

    Pleasure was mine Laura!

    hugs xxx

  5. A great intervierw and a new blog discovery.


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