Monday, 6 September 2010

Movie Magic!

Daniel Craig
The name's Bond, James Bond!

There's no getting away from it, if you are of a certain age {35 upwards}, your entire life at one point or another would have been hijacked by a Bond film......particularly around Christmas.....Christmas Day to be exact! And not just once, oh no! every year for at least 3 decades!!!

After Christmas Dinner it would be a ritual that we would all settle down on the sofa to watch Mr Bond...with our obligatory "moved-from-the-table-to-the-sofa, warm" glasses of Christmas wine and Christmas choccies excited at the anticipation of the next hour and a half of patriotism, escapism, paradise islands, bikini-clad lovelies, good versus evil, M and Q, theme music, gadgets and fast cars and the sound of at least one of the "oldies" snoring away on the sofa after only 10 minutes of Bond showing off his skills!!

Bond films are always a great watch, some are better than others but all are in the "good-to-great" category. For my generation it was always Roger Moore or Sean Connery but others such as Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan have filled the Bond "shoes" with equal aplomb ~ their suave, smooth talking and gentlemanly attitude gave off that British-ness about them that made you feel proud they were one of us. 

The older I got the less appealing they were as a Christmas "digestif" ~ mainly because they were repeats - of which you could recite every line or assemble the newest gadget without even watching the tv!

And then along came
*sigh* Daniel Craig *swoon*

and for some reason my interest no, appetite,  for Bond suddenly re-appeared!
I saw Casino Royale in the cinema, with my family, and have to say that from the very first moment Bond appeared on screen so did the cheshire cat smile on my face ~ which lasted throughout the entire film!

All I can say is thank god for Sky+ ~ I get to watch Bond throughout the year, at my leisure and, who cares if I know all the words or can assemble a weapon at the drop of a hat!!!  ;o)


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