Friday, 27 March 2009

I Made a Purchase......

......two weeks ago! I stared with excitement when I received and opened my package through the post, two weeks later and I'm STILL staring at it! *roll my eyes with shame*
Thank you to everyone who left a lovely comment on my "I Feel A Purchase" post, because of you I made a decision to get the Big Shot and not the Cuttlebug, and have to say so far - it looks nice! Now to get down to some playing....firstly, I have decided to "tidy" my stash, can't say craft room as I work on the dining table (when I work *sigh*), have bought some split pegs and spooled my ribbon onto them to store in glass jars (well spag bol sauce jars but it works - will post pics when I'm done), also got some really neat jars from What! (£2.90 for 6) these are for my flowers and buttons (again will post pic when done).

So when I have had my mini spring clean I will be trying out my new purchase...let you know how I get on! :D

hello gorgeous xxx

P.S. got the idea for spooling ribbon here, Nichole has some fab tutorials and templates - check out her blog xxx


  1. Can't wait to see your first make!! :0) xxxx

  2. Great blog..nice and bright :)
    I found you while blog hopping and have enjoyed your blog.


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