Saturday, 9 January 2010


This was a satellite picture of Britain this week.....our very own Day After Tomorrow moment!  I have NEVER seen Britain looking like this...okay we've had snow before but never across the WHOLE of Britain!  It is truly AWESOME to see it like this! I'm sure this will be one of those iconic pictures :o)

Besides the trecherous conditions it leaves us with and the thought of elderly neighbours being stranded in their homes it is fantastic to see kids having SO MUCH fun and any thoughts of disruptive/destructive behaviour seem to have blown in the cold chilly wind.  It's almost like a release on you HAVE to go out and have fun! I LIKE it and want more of it! Not the snow but the freedom for kids to behave without the pressure of peerdom!

As for the snow, well.....I'm not sure I want that to go 'cause it looks SO beautiful and picturesque but I definitely would like the cold to leave, please lovely sunshine, start warming up our days and continue to keep 2010 a positive place to be!


  1. Wow!!! What a picture! Thanks for sharing the scene from your end of the world. :-)

  2. I gave you sunshine award today x


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