Saturday, 16 January 2010

Simply Stunning! :o)

I have been doing a LOT of blog-hopping today and came across Ali Bali Jewellery

I am completely in LOVE with her creations, they are simply stunning and just had to share this talented lady with you.  Her creations would make a gorgeous Valentine's gift for your betrothed, or soon-to-be betrothed! ;o)

Go on.....hop on over and pay her a visit...NOW!

hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Love her jewelry and I love the lay out of this blog - did you do it? I clicked on your "contact" button but it didn't seem to do anything.

  2. Me again...thanks for visiting my blog. I love the pin-ups; I think they are perfect for your blog. What I was really wondering about is the lay-out where you have previous posts next to each seems to be a 3-column lay-out but so different than any other blog - did you design it or get the template from somewhere.

  3. this is just gorgeous, Gorgeous!!!


  4. the style I like because its different with others


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