Sunday, 17 January 2010

Time for a Wish List...

I'm not talking about the "healthy life, financial security and world peace" kind of wish list...oh no....I'm talking about the selfish materialistic kind, the one that we NEVER get to make or even fulfill 'cause we ALWAYS put everything else first -  kids, family, peace!     So I am taking this moment to create my own selfish, materialistic wish list. :o)) I am going to place it on my sidebar (and no doubt add to it throughout the year) for you to puruse at your leisure, you can gloat ('cause you already have it!), turn green ('cause you've always wanted it!) or just plain old fall in love with it!  It's your choice really...oh! and if you feel the need to create a "selfish, materialistic wish list" yourself - then blinkin' well do it! ;o)

It will be interesting to see "how many" of these wishes I fulfill this year! :o)

Check it out...go on...over the right, down a bit!

hello gorgeous xxx

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  1. You go girl, I will join you in wishing for those Ugg shoes/cloggs :-) Debsx


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