Friday, 29 January 2010

Code, code and more code...

I feel like the decipher queen!!!!!! Who said Enigma!

I have been in it all day, yes ALL DAY, don't know what it means, don't know what it does....but I can tell ya when it works it's frickin' FANTASTIC!!!! HTML code that is......

I wasn't completely happy with the new look blog but I went with it because I adore the pin-up girls.....but those bloody squares were doing my head in.....! I wanted the main column to be just that, not lots of squares you had to click to get deeper into the gossip! Also the girls were a bit saucy for what I wanted but hey - beggars can't be choosers...can they?  Even though they were lush!

Today however I decided that as I have "launched" my jewellery  into cyberspace, I would try and attempt making my blog look {almost} identical and, I have to say I think I did pretty good! :o)

I wanted to keep the three columns but after code manipulation when I saved the template the two sidebars were almost crashing  into each other and no matter what I tried they wouldn't budge - well the content did but not the headings!  So, after what seemed like hours, I decided that I would strip the blog right back to the basics and build up again - I will add a third column someday, but not just yet!  There are still some tweaks to be made but for now I am VERY proud of myself for becoming the layman's Queen of Code - the downside, my brain is still like a slice of swiss cheese - so ANY code I have grasped has just flown straight through!!

Would love your comments, criticisms, advice, direction, glass of wine (oops!), oh! and some nachos wouldn't go amiss! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. It looks gorgeous, ms gorgeous. Manipulated the sidebars has something to do with the size of the outer wrapper (the width of the whole blog). That's about all I remember. I usually Google my particular problem, figure it out, and remember random bits after my brain stops spinning around. I found useful info here and here .

  2. You are brave Sue to strip the whole thing down...

    Having said that I took a course on HTML about 5 years ago and learned enough to set up a website on my own...but learning HTML rattled my brain, I've never concentrated so hard in all my life!!!

    I very much like your blog name and the ladies on here and on your website...they are "gorgeous"!

    I like the idea of having your blog the same as your website...I think you are on the right track!

    Enjoy your weekend...a glass of wine would go nicely about now... :0)

  3. thanks for your lovely comments the hard work begins...creating! ;oO

    hugs xxx

  4. *bows to the Queen of Code* Does look fab Sue, love the pics!

    Jane :0)

  5. It's looking good Sue :D
    Take a break and stuff your face with nachos, that's what I'd do :D

  6. Sorry your still icy and cold over there! I love your new header. Here is the 3 column template I used. I just tweaked it a bit to my liking. Maybe you'd like to try it:

  7. Sue, your site is wonderful. I am in awe of anyone who can figure the whole code thing out...I sure have no clue. It's coming along and looks upbeat and vibrant! The perfect place to showcase your jewelry!

  8. I LOVE it and I'm super impressed that you did it all yourself! I designed my header myself in Illustrator and that was enough to make my head spin. I've yet to attempt using code other than the very, very basic stuff. Great job!


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