Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Right! A decision has been made.....

Whilst I LOVED getting into card-making in 2007 my soul wasn't 100% in it and since I haven't actually made any kind of card since Christmas 2008 I have made a decision to say goodbye to my crafty purchases.  I mean what is the point of holding onto them if all they are doing is sitting in the corner willing me to create with them - I would much rather re-home them to people who I KNOW will fulfill that wish!

So with that said, I am starting to sort through my stash and equipment, most of which I bought and have not used (well, except to test it!) I am one of those people who just has to go and buy, place it on display and then NEVER use it - hell I even had a CD collection 6 months BEFORE I even had a CD player!

Cardstock, paperstock, stamps, inkpads, pens, watercolour pencils, adhesive stickers/dots, brads, punches, stickers, lightbox, glue gun, heat gun, ribbon and even my Big Shot (never used!) - I could go on and on.......some of these items will be bundled for giveaways and some will be bundled for sale.

It will be sad to see everything go (and no doubt as soon as it's gone I will want to make a card!) but as I am focussed on creating gorgeous jewellery for you lovely people out there it has to be done!

Pictures for giveaways and sale items will be posted soon.


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Hmm I will be on the look out! :0) xxxx

  2. I think I may be interested. I volunteer for Spirit Jump, we send cards to cancer patients. I'd love to make some homemade cards. Plus, it'd be something else to keep me entertained until baby girl arrives. :)

  3. Hey, thanks for the link. I tried the Lakeland shop but never thought to try their online shop, although I think the fluted ones look a bit big. But the others look ideal.

    I have become a follower so that I don't miss any of your 'sale' stuff.

    Liz x

  4. thanks for your lovely comment, I'm sure you've thought about it long and hard, and if your sure sell your things, but keep a bit hun, you never know hugs Jill xx

  5. I"m getting into cards myself...haven't done a great deal yet...will watch for your sales!

  6. Hi Sue, I've given you a Sunshine Blog Award!

  7. is that true??
    or your just take a joice


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