Saturday, 27 February 2010

A bit of this...a bit of that!

Just a couple of things to post about tonight, we have FINALLY got the boiler fixed - yaaay! It wasn't a quick fix as I was hoping for which is typical, as I think it must have been the coldest it's been since Christmas, so we all ended up huddled on the sofas with the fire on and snuggled under duvets, fabulous until we had to move for a cuppa or pop to the loo! :oO  We are nice and toasty now tho' plus an added bonus for us is we have hot water again....first time in over a year!  Boilers are expensive to fix ya know!  It's amazing how excited you can get just by turning on the hot water tap! Oh! and to be able to fill a bath! Bliss!!!

So, Tracy over at Cinnamon Jewellery Bead and Wirework Designs has been gorgeous enough to give me a blog award :o) I'd LOVE you to pop over and visit her as she has the most beautiful jewellery - it has such a contemporary feel to it - there's so much to read on her blog too so I would suggest you make it a Diet Coke break!

If you are visiting me and taking time out to read my mutterings - I love you, if you take that next step and leave a comment to let me know you've been then that REALLY DOES make me happy ;o) So to you I give this award to pass on to whoever makes you happy!  Enjoy!

And last, but not least, I have been tweaking the blog again, you'll know from an earlier post that I want 3 columns but everytime I created it the two sidebars would clash - as I want them both on the right hand side - grrr!  So tried again, same thing happened, but strangely nothing clashes when I have it either side of the main post!! Go figure!  So this is it, this is how it will look - until the itch gets too much and I have to scratch it...again!  Look out for more additions over the next week......

Hope you're all having a chilled, and crafty, weekend so far. ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Glad you're nice and warm again! Thanks for the mention :D
    Tracy x

  2. Rob & Annie hebben toch maar geluk om jou als gids te hebben! Gezellig hoor!


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