Thursday, 29 July 2010

Time To Think of Others

whilst doing a bit of blog-hopping yesterday I clicked on a blog that, I am ashamed to say, I haven't paid a visit to in ages.....but boy am I glad I did!

Camilla's latest post was about an impending trip to the beach and a slight detour that took her further afield than planned......Africa to be exact!

Camilla had stopped for some reading material for the beach trip and "smitten with Cindy Crawford on the cover" she purchased Ladies Home Journal.  Here is what Camilla posted:

"Cindy Crawford at age 44 couldn't look more refreshed and beautiful, wondering what her secret was I bought the mag.

Inside was an article that was really captivating, about mothers donating dresses they had made for little girls in Africa

I was intrigued.
I looked them up on the web and they had moved on to another project for charity. 
 I really liked the intial idea and was inspired to help so I scoured the web and found this site 
 The dresses are sent to little girls in Zambia, Africa. 


They give you a an easy pattern for a girls dress made from a pillow case.  (I remember seeing this pattern a while back in Martha Stewart Living wanting to make one for my then "little Sophia" but never got around to it.)  They included other patterns: "dress with elasticized top" and "dress with bias tape ties"
The first one I made with a pillow case and adorned with a little rickrack.
Then I tried the dress with bias tape ties, did some pleats and ruffles I was hooked.

I ended up making 14 in a weekend.

What makes this a fun project is that you can use material you have on hand, left over from a project, because it doesn't require much.
Sizes start at 2 -11 yrs

Mix and match that.
So you see, beauty isn't just skin deep... it leads to other things.

Thank you Cindy Crawford

if it wasn't for your
fab and glowing image,
I wouldn't have known about these little girls in need of dresses.

...and that,
is a beautiful thing"

I was REALLY inspired by this post and felt I wanted to participate, but I am not a sewer, so I thought of the next best thing.......I would blog about it and help pass the message on to all you fabulous bloggers who DO sew!!!

PLEASE take five minutes to check out littledressesforafrica to see what YOU can do to help out!!

While you are busy checking out things, pop along to Camilla's blog: Bloom to see a whole miriad of inspiration....


hello gorgeous xxx
{thank you to Camilla for allowing me to use her words and pictures for this blog post}


  1. Wow Sue, I just love these little dresses, what a wonderful idea! I will pop on over to the website and take a look xxx

  2. thanks honey, I think this will be my charity project next summer.

  3. Thanks for this link, it's lovely to be able to make something that will make a difference to someone in need somewhere and these are very simple and pretty.

  4. wow - thats such a lovely idea. thanks for sharing that!!

  5. am SO glad that by blogging about this it has led to others wanting to take part and help out! ;o)

    thanks ladies xxx


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