Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wish List :o)

feminine curves
oh how I long for my curves to return,
 they've been missing for far too many's not for want of trying
 but for lack of sustained willpower!

VW Camper Van
I think it's my age but I have an overwhelming urge to have one of these, pimped of course!
Lime & cream or red & cream....
{or if brave enough bubblegum and white with a hint of sparkle!}
Shiny chrome
plush cream leather interior, sound system
cooking & coffee making facilities
oooo....I could go on

Hope you like my wishes, what's yours?


hello gorgeous xxx

1 comment:

  1. Some wish list you got there! But yeah, the camper van is included on my list too! Who could ever resist this vintage temptation? Like you, I want to have one of these and style it based on my personality. A pink one, perhaps?

    Leisa Dreps


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