Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Bead Table Wednesday
is in it's second week and was the "brainchild" of Heather over at Humblebeads
It's a little bit of fun to break up the week. 
Every Wednesday you get to "share" what's on your Bead table at that moment.

Having missed out on the first one {by a day!} I have now joined the Flickr group and have posted some lovely Christmas sparkles left under the tree by Santa! Yum!!

but, in's what's actually on my Bead table

a christmas decoration, two glass shelves, a pair of earrings, two batteries and a bag FULL of beads!

Over the Christmas period, one of the two trees was placed on the bead table so all beady things had to be put away.  It's seems my mojo was put away too.... :o(

Hopefully, after today it might re-surface.....I am about to clean the house {top to toe}

What's the saying "a tidy house is a tidy mind"
and with a tidy mind maybe my mojo will jump right out and startle me!!
Who knows!!

What's on your table? 
Join the group and share in the fun!


hello gorgeous xxx

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  1. I do a My Creative Space over at Kootoyoo on Thursdays and that gets my creative juices going, looking forward to seeing your creativity or as in this case 'not'... ;-) Did love those christmas presents tho!


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