Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Soup is On!!

Sign up for this fabulous event has now closed, over the weekend Lori {our gorgeous organiser} at Pretty Things  sat down to partner everyone up.....no mean feat with a WHOPPING 210 participants this time around!! Wow! On top of this mamouth task was the added headache of hiccups with  spreadsheets and email systems not playing fair.....BUT ever the trooper that Lori is, she persisted {in amongst expletives} and before we knew it we were all being "pinged" with a partner!

I am excited to announce I have been partnered with Cassandra from Design by Cassandra 
Cassandra is located in Canada, it will be fabulous getting to know someone across the other side of the water, her likes and dislikes, why she started to do what she does, what inspires her and what she hopes her future will hold.  It's gonna be a whole lotta fun!

Go check out Cassandra's blog, she has some amazing designs and creates some gorgeous inspring Etsy treasuries too!  I am ashamed to say, Cassandra has been on my blog list for a while but I haven't visited {or left comments} as often as I should have....shame.on.me.!

What is a Bead Soup Blog Party?  Well, basically you sign up, you get partnered up and within a time period you have to send a bunch of beads, a focal and a clasp to your partner for them to create something wonderful out of what you have given them...they can use some or all of the beads received, it's up to them {I get to do the same with what my partner sends me} and then on the "reveal" date we all have to post a picture on our blogs and describe what we have done...we can then "blog-hop" to all the other blogs participating to see what they have created too....it's definitely going to be fun and very inspring too!

So the key dates now are:

Beads go Out: 28th Jan

Party Date: 26th Feb

Don't forget to check back for updates and reveals ;o)

The Soup Is On!!!!!


hello gorgeous xxx

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  1. Oh, dahling - it's a big world out there! I'm happy for the opportunity to get to know each other better!

    All the best!



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