Monday, 17 January 2011

Movie Magic!

Colin Firth

Well, who else would it be this week!

Congratulations to Colin for his Golden Globe Best Actor win for the potrayal of King George VI in The King's Speech

I  have heard and read such good comments for the film from "awesome" to "exciting" to "emotional" to "I wanted to give it a standing ovation at the end {but was too scared to stand up}".  I for one cannot wait to see it!

Colin Firth is best known for playing characters in period dramas, something of which I am not a fan, and somehow not your first choice for a "sex symbol"... BUT...he has a knack for playing characters who are more often than not underdogs and ultimately {throughout the film} win your heart...I loved him in Bridget Jones :o)

Let's hope the predictions come true and next month he will be holding aloft an Oscar for Best Actor, would be nice having just missed out on it last year!


hello gorgeous xxx

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  1. Hi there, you like me are madly in love with Colin, love this photo so much that I have had to copy it, sorry lol!

    Thank goodness that he has been recognised for once, onward to the oscars yeah! xxx


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