Friday, 14 January 2011

Thank Folksy it's Friday!!

I am SO inspired by the gloomy grey rain clouds outside today {and for most of this week!}
I have decided this weeks picks should be all about


Raindrops, the big dollopy kind, is one of my FAVOURITE elements of weather, I love hearing it fall onto windows, umbrellas, on the roof of a car when you are all snugly inside {especially if you are sat by the beach at the same time!} and of course, I simply can't get enough of watching it fall into puddles with the fallout of those raindrop rings *sigh*

There can, of course, be a downside to rain and my thoughts and prayers are with those across the world who are suffering the after effects of torrential rainfall over the last few weeks.

Click on the name of each shop to be taken straight to the gorgeous-ness that awaits you...

See ya next Friday!!


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. I love your choices...and thanks for including my little dog,Noodles!

  2. much cuteness for ONE day!
    Happy weekend.

  3. Sweet choices! I LOVE the dog...oh my he is darling!

  4. oooh really really gorgeous picks - grey can be fanstastic after all!!


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