Sunday, 20 February 2011

I am hopping....

...through blogs, and facebook and sometimes twitter....digesting everything that life is throwing at all of you....willing myself to have the energy to leave comments, create new blog posts, catch up on facebook and tweet with the twitter-ers but with all the health problems with mum & dad right now my energy levels are zapped!!  
Mum & Dad

They celebrated 53 years of marriage on 15th February!
I love you both with all my heart!


I am mindful that the Bead Soup reveal day is fast approaching - 26th February - I promise to keep that commitment even though I haven't been very pro-active in promoting my partner, Design by Cassandra and her amazing bead stash I received...I do feel bad about that and hope she understands the reasons behind, I was SO looking forward to the Soup this time round...I am aiming to post a promo on Wednesday {all being well}, so pop back then for five mins, with a cuppa  of course!  In the meantime, I want to thank Cassandra for her brilliant promoting of our partnership, I can't wait to see her creations :o)

see you Wednesday!


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. I know how you feel and I hope your Mum & Dad are feeling better real soon!

  2. It is hard when life gets in the way, we are all still here and our thoughts are with you xx

  3. I completely understand, love. Certainly life gets in the way, and sometimes it can't be helped ... lots of love and happiness to you from all the way across the pond!

    Oh, all the pieces are done, I'm thinking of pixelating a few more for your teasing pleasure ... the beads were WONDERFUL to work with! The Galaxy bar was quite delish, too ... munched that up making the last few! :)

  4. Sorry to hear about your dad's illness, it is a hard and yet, we wouldn't not want to have the privilege of looking after elderly parents. Hopefully one day your own children can return the love to you. Take care, do what is important

  5. I am sorry to hear that your Mom is not doing well either. Prayers and hugs to you, them and your family.


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