Thursday, 12 May 2011

A Critics Voice....

Have just spent the last hour creating....not jewellery but a banner of all things, for my little place of adventure....the hello gorgeous blog! It's made up of all things special to me....making jewellery, walks on the beach and of course, the pin-up!

What do you think? 

I want you to be else will I get it right otherwise!  I am open to your thoughts and criticisms (constructive ones obviously!)

Anyway, don't be shy to leave a comment on what you are thinking


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Wow well I think its fab, I like the pics....the one thing that troubles me is the yellow wording, maybe a different colour so it stands out more?? Right I am ducking under the table now....tell me when it is safe to come out!!! ;0)


  2. haha! thank you sweet cheeks....I am wondering about the colour too, I like it but it does need to be a bit stronger I think... ;o)

    hugs xxx

  3. have now changed word colour....better??

  4. Yes it does look better!! Phew I can come out from under the table now!! lol :0) xxxxx

  5. Looks fab hon. Didn't see the other colour but loving the new one. Goes well with your girlie's hair

  6. Love it, noticed it before I scrolled down to read the post and my first reaction was "wow that's nice!" Can't think of any changes (sorry prob not helpful!)

  7. You did a fantastic job! The photos and colors are just great and we get to learn a little more about you!

  8. I don't think it could be any prettier. LOVE it!


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