Sunday, 15 May 2011

I Heart Macro...

I've come across a few posts in relation to i heart macro over the last few weeks and have been inspired by some gorgeous photos shared....SO wanting to join in with the fun, but not feeling anywhere near good enough to do so.

This little brainchild is the work of Lori at Studio's a simple concept:

"no words except "i heart macro." Take a picture - up close. REALLY up close, then post it. Add this button to your post, then comment here w/ a link"

I've decided I am gonna join in regardless, I only have a "point & shoot" camera {with a macro function}but more often than not it is hit and miss whether I "get the shot"... which always surprises me when it's a hit!!

As the concept is to post without words....check out my next posting!


hello gorgeous xxx

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  1. Well, this shot is a "hit" for sure! Love it. I'm glad you've joined in the fun!


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