Sunday, 8 May 2011

Question of the Week - Where Do You Seek Out Your Lost Mojo?

I'm not really sure I have lost's more like it's trapped....up there in my brain....desparately trying to grab the attention of my hands.  I hear it knocking on the walls of my head, shouting "let me out"..."I have things to create"..."what's the hold-up?" and all the while I have a picture of those said creations spilling out of the mouth of my mojo with every sentence it shouts at me....pacing back and forth with frustration at being confined *sigh of apathy*

I feel I need a mind is ready for it but my body just doesn't want to can that be?

So my question to you this week is....

Where Do You Seek Out Your Lost Mojo
 {or alternatively, How Do You Release It!}

Hope you're all having a wicked Sunday!


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Oh dear, you have my sympathy. This happened to me back in January following illness and a year or so ago after a week's holiday. It was so frustrating but it did come back, with avengence I might add!

    I think we expect too much of ourselves sometimes and that's why our muses disappear for a while to let us rest and regroup. I had lots of support from others who suffered the same thing and they all said one thing - that their muse did return.

    I recommend that you put your energy into something else, spend some time window shopping at other's designs, keep sketching ideas but don't force yourself to create until you are ready.

    Best of luck
    Kristin :)

  2. I've been feeling the same way lately. Just no push to create. I feel like everything that I've been doing is falling flat. My plan is to clean up my junky space and then we'll take it from there! Good luck!

  3. Mine's normally down the side of the sofa... x

  4. My Mojo is taking a long nap. I'll let you know when I find it.
    Good luck to you..surely it will be any minute now.


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