Monday, 25 April 2011

Question of the Week - How do you store yours??

I'm talking about Sterling Silver

I recently purchased some fabulous plastic boxes, ideal for keeping beads in, so over the Easter period I have been having a sort through my gemstones, don't they look SOOO pretty in their little homes!

and smaller ones for the "fashion" beads/components

Then I hit a dilemma, how to store my Sterling Silver pieces/components??  
This is how they are stored right now:

wrapped up and altogether in envelopes....not very pretty or inspiring!!

Should I get more boxes {the walls of the compartments can be removed to make each compartment bigger} to store them in, should I wrap them first in tissue paper, or keep them in polythene bags and then in the boxes, or should I just store them "naked" OR  should I think of something else entirely to store them in....I am scratching my head....

So my question of the week to you is:
How do you store yours???

I would love to see how you store yours, why not link back to your genius Sterling Silver storage solutions using Mr Linky below


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Nothing looks so pretty as when it is organized!!!! Love your pretties.

  2. Don't you feel better when you've had a good old bead sort out!
    I store my sterling beads in a box similar to yours and my wire in plastic bags as I'm not too worried if the wire tarnishes as I oxidise it anyway.
    I work on the diningroom table so don't have that much room ................ but I am s l o w l y taking over the whole house and have already claimed a kitchen cupboard for my enamelling stuff!

  3. I've got containers like that too some time ago - it is sooooo much easier to fine something now :-)

  4. You are organized! My sterlings silver beads and findings are all stored in little baggies. One plastic tub for the beads and another plastic tub for the findings - nothing glamorous at all, but practical. One of these days I'll do something more attractive for display.

  5. I love little boxes with lots of pretty beads in them. I store my sterling exactly the same way as you store your beads - have for years with no problems. Have fun!

  6. Most of all the tiny sterling, like spacers and such are in boxes just like yours. But for all my other beads (glass, czech, pearls, etc) I started keeping them in plastic jewelry bags that I keep on emboidery rings in wicker baskets. So each ring is categorized for type of bead and sometimes by color. Storing them this was has been especially helpful when I go to a class - I can pull out the bags I want to take and put them on their own ring.


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