Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Something New...

When I Grow Up, I wanna be....

It's a question most of us, if not all, have muttered at some point in our pre-adult life...and quite possibly in our adult life too!

"And what do you wanna be when you grow up?"
"I wanna be a...."

Some of us had clear ideas of which direction we should go in and what the outcome would be, whilst others had absolutely no idea and whatever was muttered at the time would soon change by the end of the week, heck, sometimes by the end of the same day!!

I never actually pondered that question too much....it was asked of me but I was too busy enjoying what I was doing at that particular moment in time to wonder what I wanted to be when I was a million years older!

Mine was more a "feeling" of doing something I loved rather than a "knowing" of what I would be doing...all through my growing pains and adult life whatever I gave 110% to I "felt" this wasn't it....I've never particularly been a crafty person, I certainly can't draw for toffee, sewing is just too much effort and knitting...well lets just say my mind loses the count after the first two rows!!

It's funny how, with changing circumstances, we are thrown in different directions...through ill health I found myself dabbling in papercrafts...whilst I enjoyed this calming effect on my mind, the hold wasn't there long enough and so I turned to making jewellery and.....PING!! that was it! I felt as though I was home! THIS is what I wanted to do when I grew up!

With this thought I am putting a new blog feature together...to be aired here soon...maybe once a fortnight or once a month {haven't decided yet}....I will be asking that very question to those who have "made" something out of their dream of "when I grow up"....those who have taken their talent, imagination and determination and created a business out of it...to glimpse how they started, the ups and downs, the rewards, how they named themselves....

I can't wait to share these interviews with you...I hope you will be as excited to read them!

Check back soon...


hello gorgeous xxx 


  1. I still DON'T know what I wanna be....

  2. I am still waiting to grow up, then I will decide!

  3. Oh hello gorgeous girlie. Fancy seeing you here! Ok so don't laugh but I always, always, always wanted to be a mum, with kids sat round the table, me baking, collecting eggs from our own chickens, just enjoying time as a family. Some of it has happened, some of it is just 'delayed'!x


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