Monday, 29 August 2011

Grabbing it by the balls.....hopefully!

I am FED UP of being in a rut....of being in a melancholy/apathetic mood which seems to have taken over my whole being...I've tried {on countless occasions} to shift it but nothing's doing...I WANT to get on with life, but I need to pass through this force field first. I feel like my days are just passing me by...I have a mind full of things I want to do/achieve...within the confines of my four walls {getting out is a whole other issue!} but they are not getting past the "thought about" stage.....I AM FRUSTRATED people!!!!

I am, however, trying to grab it by the balls, so to speak {no offence fellas!} today I am messing with the blog, so excuse the transition stage {the way I am feeling it may last a while!}...other things I want to tackle this week are: giving a shout out to my Bead Soup partner, getting organised with a "to do" list, a catch-up blog post and some housework {shakes head at this one!}...that will do for now, I have SO much stored in my head that just thinking about it is overwhelming me...

I hope you are all gearing up for a busy/eventful week....I think I may be jealous if you are!


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Oh, this looks usual.
    Sorry you are in a rut.
    Didn't you just have a holiday away??? Surely that put a little zip in your zap??? We all feel this way at times, hopefully it will pass you SOON.
    I have nothing big or exciting this week. Does that make you feel better??? I hope so.

  2. awwwwh,you need a hug! I am so sorry you are feeling this way. A change of scenery always helps me.

  3. I'm sending good thoughts your way :-)


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