Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Something tasty....

a bit of soup...

I am a bit late to the party as I  have just returned from hols and the posting and receiving happened whilst I was away, then there was the catch up on return...washing, playing, ironing, playing, tidying, playing...

I was partnered with Kristina of  Wild roses and blackberries and looking through her blog was overwhelmed at all the different styles she likes to tackle.  To be honest, I wasn't sure what I should gather together for her, but on closer inspection realised that what I create with is not what Kristina creates with {often}.  So, it was a case of teasing out of her some favourite colours/textures, adding a focal and clasp {of course} and some "extras".....

This is what I sent Kristina, hoping {fingers firmly crossed} that she would love the colours as much as I do.

I also found out that Kristina has a "thing" for dragons and, as I live in Wales I couldn't resist adding a little something extra to her package.  Afterall, the Welsh dragon is our National symbol {besides the Daffodil}. I took the beads on holiday with me and went "hunting" for a dragon...

I found two lovely dragons, one to look after her hot drink and one to protect her when she goes out into the big wide world, I also added a stick of Rock {No.8 which can ONLY be found in Pwllheli}....sadly, I forgot to take a picture of them as I was too engrossed in taking pictures of the soup! 

I know Kristina will share them with you tho!

I have recieved my soup from Kristina but I need to get some decent photos of the gorgeous-ness before I can share, unfortunately the weather has been gloomy for the last few days....but stay tuned it's getting brighter by the weekend!

Bead Soup will be shared worldwide on 17th September...make sure you return for your bowl!


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Dragons???? way cool. I mean way hot. :)

  2. Lovely bead soup, HelloGorgeous! I'm sure your bead partner will love it! If not, tell her to send it to the states to me! hee hee! Thanks for sharing it! Can't wait to see what you cook up on the 17th of Sept!

  3. You sent such beautiful beads!!
    Going to check your partner out now!!

  4. Lovely colours you sent, can't wait to see all the inspiring and all beautifully crafted and so different to wool lol :-)


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