Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Changing it up!

There's always changes happening somewhere and as from tomorrow, 1st March 2012, there will be changes happening to Google Friend Connect {that  little widget on a blog you click to link when you'd like to follow it}.

What this change means for those of you who DON'T use Blogger as a platform {i.e. if you use Wordpress for your blog} is you will no longer be able to follow my blog {or ANY blog using Blogger as their platform} via Google Friend Connect, this won't affect those of you who subscribe via email or Google Reader.  It also won't affect those of us who use Blogger as a host for our blog, we can still use Google Friends Connect.

For those of you who are not using Blogger I would still love you to receive my updates, so I have signed up to Bloglovin, just click on this link to take you there and click Follow...and hey presto! you're done :o)

I'm inspired daily by those of you who follow my blog and thank you for that :o)

I look forward to seeing those of you these changes effect over at Bloglovin...soon!


hello gorgeous xxx

P.S. there's also another change come 1st March to Google's Privacy Policy, here's a link explaining more

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