Thursday, 9 February 2012

Round and round it goes.... a never-ending circle, I mentally go through each step, never really getting anywhere.

...for two years I was stuck on Step 2 with no ability of moving off it, then the fog shifted a bit and I found myself hopping up to Step 3 without any kinda notice whatsoever....I felt a sense of wonderment that I could actually grasp onto this thought, that "I want to do it!"  Because, before that jump I didn't want to do anything; eat, breathe, sleep, nurture...nothing, the excitement of thinking that and possibly doing that was overwhelming and of course, I expected things to happen straight away but no, it was a frustrating and tantalising tidbit thrown out in my if it were a piece of paper falling from a file and then being placed back inside and re-filed in the cabinet!

And that's where I've been for the last 730 days....on Step 3....always thinking, always pushing these steps around my head but never ACTUALLY getting anywhere....I am staying positive tho' because I can see myself at the top of the stairs {and THAT'S a positive thing in itself right there!}

Here's a few things I want to do:

physically create more blog posts instead of just mentally creating them...I miss it!;
keeping hold of my thought process instead of being distracted in a blink of an eye;
be brave instead of fearful;
creatively take a step forward

Which step have you reached today?


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. I wish you well on this journey! go for it!

  2. Oh Sue, it will get better. I've been there and it's a horrible place.
    I find writing my blog makes me feel better when I have an off day so that's a good idea of yours to write more posts.
    Making new stuff always helps too :D
    Tracy x

  3. (((HUGS))) I am so proud of you for getting to wear you not only want to do it, but can visualize doing it! You go, girl! You can do it!!!!

  4. Sue I was at the same place as you about 2 years ago and then I rediscovered my creativity and started a blog and haven't looked back. The support from my cyber friends has been wonderful and certainly helps us feel not so alone. Keep up the creativity and blogging and you will climb those stairs. I think i am on the how do I and the I will try steps now and occasionally I Did It one :-) Pinning helps too ;-p

  5. I am really happy that you are ON the staircase...that is a good thing, right?
    I am around the middle for most things and a few things, I am not even on the stairs yet!!!!
    You can do it, I have faith!

  6. Hi there! I understand where you are and how that feels. It's a positive step to move from the 2nd to the 3rd step... at least you are moving higher :)
    I find my photography and blogging helps me to focus on the positives more. I am not sure where I am on the steps. This week has been very hard and I may have stepped back a few. I have also posted much less than usual which possibly says I am not in the place I was a week or so ago. We all have our ups and downs, though... that's being human. Don't be too hard on yourself.
    A thought provoking post :)


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