Monday, 20 October 2008

round and round we go.....

never stopping along the way, it's Monday morning again and it's wet, windy and cold in Cardiff!! Definitely the time for central heating and hearty casseroles. Not sure about you but I actually hate the transition from summer to winter - I like the look of autumn days but hate not being able to decide whether it's still a t-shirt day or a cosy jumper day and 8 times out of 10 it's always the opposite to what I decide!! I wish it could be as easy as flicking a switch - that's it summer's finished, let's have winter - flick!! Well today is deff a winter's day and I am all wrapped up cosy and warm, all I need is a hot choccy! mmmmm!
Sunday wasn't a very good day for us, middle child had sickness bug (why is it they always arrive in the middle of the night!?), he threw up at the top of the stairs which ended up on nearly every step, the walls and the skirting, then got downstairs and threw up in the kitchen and then through to the bathroom (bathroom downstairs - good in the daytime but not so good at night!!). He did have a rough day yesterday but thankfully for him (and me!) he had a good night's sleep, he looks a bit pale still this morning but has ventured into having a piece of toast - fingers crossed!!!
On a different note, I am LOVING blogging, haven't done it before -always too busy - but I am amazed at this other world out there, I love reading other people's blog's it's a bit like people watching (which again I love!) and I am making some fabulous new friends in the process. It's such an easy way to do it - and it's not just people in your back yard - it's all over the world!!! It's just so cool :)
Anyway, hope you all have a fab day where ever you are and look forward to chatting soon.
hello gorgeous xxx


  1. `Hello` there!!!
    `Welcome` to blogland...your blogs looking fine already...Hope your mddle child is feeling better now...
    `Thanks` for visiting my blog ..
    `Good Luck` in the `Draw`
    `Enjoy` your Day:)~X~

  2. Love the new background!!



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