Friday, 6 March 2009

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Have been doing a bit of blog hopping tonight when I came across Sonia's blog. My heart really goes out to her, as someone who has - in the past - lost a days work or deleted files by mistake I can only imagine how she must feel at losing an ENTIRE BLOG!!!! She is devastated, so she needs your help, this is what she has to say:
February 28...Hello there!
After having the worst scrap booking days of my life, and cried rivers, I am OK.
I accidentally deleted my blog Friday night. It is incredible that just by
the click of a WRONG button, all my work for almost 2 years and over 380
postings, 74 followers, over 64 thousand visitors, are gone gone, gone, gone...
I was able to recuperate 2 months worth and I build a new blog (this one)...
It is exactly the same as the one I had, and I will keep posting my card,
layouts and projects as usual and most likely every day...
I want to get all
my followers back and I wanted to ask all of you who visit me already to follow
my blog, and link me to yours for the chance to win a $50 RAK full of scrap
goodies at the end of the month. I will be purchasing all this goodies on
Saturday and will make a big post announcement...
So bloghoppers, pop over to Sonia's and take five minutes to read her postings and admire her creations and at the end of your visit click to follow her blog - not only will you be following a very talented person but you will also be in with a chance of winning an RAK worth $50!!
Go on - make someone happy! :D
hello gorgeous xxx

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  1. Oooh no - how awful but easily done....will pop over now...xx


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