Saturday, 12 September 2009

do you remember...

the very first night of september....I LOVE that song - Earth, Wind and Fire, I love it for lots of reasons but mainly because the 1st of September was my wedding day! Twenty years ago this year (yeah, I know....TWENTY) at 3 pm I was getting hitched to the love of my life, it was a beautiful day, very sunny and filled with happiness, and whilst there have been ups and downs throughout -  three boys, numerous pets, one house, lots of pulling together as well as many disagreements we are still as happy now as we were then but I would say probably even closer and more in tune with each other, which only really comes with lots of hard work in making things work (sometimes I think people give up too easily today, unless there are DIRE circumstances), so I'm toasting to the next twenty and pray to god they don't fly by as I will be 63 by then!

I also want to toast anyone who has a wedding day/anniversary in September - you chose the best month!  Others things I like about this month are: kids go back to school ;o)...the season starts to change and winter starts running towards us...and Father Chrimbo is doing his final checks befoe he pays a visit for cookies and milk! yaay

And...hopefully, my new business venture will begin........ ;o)))

hello gorgeous xxx

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  1. Hi Sue, thanks for your lovely comments that you left on my blog. I will become a follower but my lovely daughter has been playing around with my blogger, so will do so when its working again.

    I just love that song by Earth, Wind and Fire. My birthday is on 15th September, so thats prob why I love it so much. Also Boogie Wonderland is one of my all time records, great to boogie too, lol!

    Hugs Heidi xxx


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