Sunday, 13 September 2009

Butt Kicking....

Just when I've been given a "nice" butt-kicking by the gorgeous Julie to get my butt back into blogland my pc monitor decided to die! Ughhhh! >:o(

What do I do now as I'm sure the last time I checked I didn't have telepathetic powers, so can't read minds easily (I can, of course, have a very good guess and let you know what I come up with, but I'm sure it won't be anywhere near the mark! ;D)

So my plan is to sneakily sneak my eldest's iPhone when he's not looking and catch-up/update as quickly as I can and replace the iPhone without even a hint of trail dust! I CAN do it! I know I can espesh with a bit of practice....but right now I am using a laptop which mysteriously appeared in my living room on friday night during a sleepover!

Shhhhhh......need to be stealth like....

Synchronize watches.......rendevouz at 13.00 hrs...wait 10 mins then send a search party! ;o)

hello goregeous xxx


  1. Hi Nice to see you back in blog land lol. Hope to see some of your lovely work soon take care Maxine

  2. You do make laugh. You must be having withdrawal symptoms from facebook by now lol. I'm sure an iPhone won't be missed every now and again, and hope you get sorted with a monitor asap.
    Julie x


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