Sunday, 20 September 2009

well ladies.....

(oh! and gents, of course!) are you always looking for inspiration to getting organised but somehow never seem to find it or maybe you just lose your the EXACT moment you need it to re-organize!!!  :o]

Well let me just tell you something peeps, I have spent a day, yes A WHOLE DAY, mooching (nothing unusual there!) skimming and surfing the web in the hope a spark might just plant itself somewhere on my vast body and grow and grow and grow until the mojo is SO big I can't help but do something.....and d'ya know what.....I found that spark and it's quietly ensconsed in my head and growing slowly as I share this with you.

If you too need to get that spark of mojo in order to get organised then I'm gonna suggest you visit Jennifer and sit in awe at how organised this little lady is and let it wash over you and plant the spark in your head (I tell ya, if her craft room is anything to go by the rest of her house must be uber tidy...she can come here anytime to whip mine into shape!) ;o)

I wish you luck on your quest and if successful will need to see proof of this.....mwah x

hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Hi, nice to see you are back blogging again, I hope you are well and your mojo returns!

    Liza x

  2. She is one organized person! Thanks for the link.

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