Thursday, 18 February 2010

I mean, WHO has spaghetti????

Today, we have this, out of the blue, one minute it was raining the next, saucer-like snowflakes falling from the sky, getting heavier and heavier....I mean, WHERE did it come from? We've had glorious sunshine for the last few days (apart from yesterday) almost leading you into hope that Spring really IS just around the corner, even the crocusses and snowdrops have raised their beautiful little I said HOPE!

So, it goes without saying that "something" had to happen, 'cause something ALWAYS happens before you're allowed to enjoy whatever event is on the horizon.....well my "something" happened last night and today the only thing that's keeping the icicles from forming WITHIN the house is this little beauty.... :o)  We have a man, HOPEFULLY, calling this afternoon to fix the boiler, I say hopefully and am praying "yes he can" instead of the unthinkable "will have to order the part, which will take about a week" :oO nooooooo! By that time the icicles that HAVE formed in other parts of the house will be beauty attractions where people from ALL OVER THE WORLD will be queuing to view!

To while away the time and to circulate some warmth within our hearts, and quite frankly within the kitchen, it has to be bacon and eggs....but wait, there's NO BEANS!!! Oh well! It will just have to be spaghetti, SPAGHETTI, I mean, WHO has spaghetti?????

Hope you are having a much warmer and fun-filled Thursday than us here in snow-filled Cardiff.........

hello gorgeous xxx

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