Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Project Flowerpot :o)

So, every year I promise myself to "get the garden sorted" and every year it has to take a back seat {which to be honest for the last three years hasn't been that much of a problem with my illness} I would LOVE to have it completely overhauled, flattened, landscaped, gazebo/seating area, pretty lighting for those balmy summer nights and a potting shed, mmmm sounds lush....unfortunately that takes lots of dosh which I don't have, so back to reality......

I've decided to grow my own salad veg this year, we waste so much of it buying from the supermarkets, I thought it would be less wasteful and on tap when I need it.

Woke up to a VERY sunny morning and a lot of anticipation.  Had a quick tidy in the house and then spent a fab hour in the garden potting up the seeds, it was so exciting......haven't done this in a few years....and I miss it!

Look at these fab little cling-filmy incubators sitting in the gorgeous sunshine, they are housing lettuce, tomato, cucumber, spring onion, pak choi, courgette and nasturtiums.... ;o)

Nasturtium flowers are edible and are supposedly fabulous in salads....haven't tried it before but will give anything a go once......lol! 

They are really pretty flowers, some tall, some standard and some semi-trailing and come in gorgeous colours.....reds, yellows, gold, pinks, purples and the colour I fear most....orange!

One job that has FINALLY been done, after 24 YEARS is the painting of an ugly breeze block wall separating the end of our garden with those on the other side!

 It's only taken 24 years of contemplating......but it's done, yaaay! I have also cleaned out the rubbish between this wall and our garden stone wall and readied it to welcome the nasturtiums and herbs that will be making their home there!

This year I promised myself it would be a positive year, a year in which I "got myself" back,  a year in which I finally climbed out of the deepest darkest depression and began to take control of my life, albeit it slowly.  So far, on the whole it has remained positive, a few blips but nothing that has sent me spiralling backwards in any shape........I am undertaking therapy to tackle the agoraphobia and to date am able to open the front door, take a step outside and stand there for a minute or two...by myself! I have taken control of my eating habits and am on week 3 of healthy eating {which is why I decided to grow my own salad...to keep me on track, hopefully} and I AM going to tackle the garden and make it full of prettiness ready for the lazy summer days of beading, reading, eating and enjoying all the pleasures such a little space can give......replacing the slabs will have to wait until the finances are a bit more buoyant but you have to give yourself something to aim for...maybe next summer!

now that the side of the neighbours shed has also been painted I think a nice piece of wall art should sit here....but what????

Hope you all had a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend, achieved lots or just relaxed! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Hey you, wow what a wonderful post. I didnt know all of these things about you, am so glad that you shared it with us all in blog land. Well done you!!! I suffer from depression and some days just want to stay in and not see anyone, so glad to be able to share that with someone, not told anyone my feelings. I need to take control of my eating habits, I eat far too much crap, esp when I am fed up/lonely/bored. The family just go about their busy days and I wish they could understand my feelings. I will watch with anticipation dear friend to watch your plants grow, love and hugs Heidi xx

  2. Hello,hello gorgeous....haha I love saying that, I say hello gorgeous to my friends when i see them all the time....anyhoo thanks for all the info, I had no idea. I can't comprehend fully how scary it must be for you, though after I had cancer, I felt i had spent so much time in the house away from everyone(I didnt want to see ppl while I was ill) that once I was well enough to start going out, I was scared to do so. I had no idea why I felt like this, and even now 4 years later, given the choice I would rather stay in. I often go a full week without going out of the front door. But I do know that I need to get a handle on it so I make myself go out, it's hard for me and I am not suffering to the extent that you are, so I really feel for you honey. I hope your small steps continue and that you get your garden done. Enjoy the small things the rest will take care of itself in time.


  3. What a great post!! I hope you'll post more pictures as your little garden grows. I'm so proud of you for taking control of getting yourself back. Just take baby steps and know that you have blog friends cheering for you!

  4. My first visit to your blog, your comments on Sharon and Sue's posts on Facebook make me laugh, you always put a smile on my face so I followed the link to your blog from there. Nothing like a bit of home grown salad and sooo much cheaper and tastier than the shops. Can't believe how many flowers are on the clemetis on your wall, mine is still only in bud. Yay for positiveness, I'm sure, in time, you will get where you want to be. xxx

  5. Thanks ladies for the lovely comments, they make my heart smile ;o)

    Rach, thanks for visiting for the first time {hope it's not the last! lol!} The clematis is my neighbours, it's a lush way of having privacy as it's so pretty, it runs the length of the garden!....can't tell you how MANY I've had and they all die! grrr!

    I will keep you posted ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx


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