Friday, 7 May 2010

New Life.....already!

in just 3 days....nature is fab!

Can't tell you which of the seeds these are as the mark up in permanent ink has actually.....rubbed away!  It will be a surprise to find out what it guess is possibly Pak Choi but will keep you posted.


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. oo how exciting, new life bursting forth, such a thrill. I haven't grown seedlings for about 5 years, mind i only did bedding plants never tried veggies. I really think when I have got the house sorted i would like a little allotment.....

  2. Cool! I love it when the seedlings pop up it feels so satisfying. We are on our first year of allotment keeping this year. x

  3. Such a great grow your own vegetables and herbs. I do not have a green thumb, but I wish I did. Looks like there will be some yummy greens before long! :-)

  4. i have a garden full of that ... things growing and i have no idea what they are ! my dd decided to throw seeds around the garden ! rofl .... who knows what will grow ? im hoping for a beanstalk that leads to golden eggs - but i guess thats pushing it ----- think il just wait to win the lottery ! lol
    love maddyx


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