Wednesday, 9 June 2010

homage to the montage

*this post is photo heavy*
so many things to share and yet no "oomph" to share it! pah! need a kick up the, instead I will pay homage to the montage........

so, first things first, I sold my first piece, yaaay! :oD

have also decided that I should include Costume jewellery in my hello gorgeous range, here are my first creations

so much has happened over the last two weeks, from new purchases

to trophy collecting at the Cardiff City ground with Ross McCormack

to City Hall

finishing their season by winning the Cogan Tournament
(no photos of this achievement!)

I celebrated {another} birthday with flowers from the hubby

and cake from the parents!

which led me to my favourite saying, "I must start to eat more healthily!"
and so the quest began

was going really well up until week 5, when I hit a glich, which stayed with me until weeks 6 and 7!  Felt really good and now not so!  SO the quest begins all over again and this time I have added another challenge to it, to drink 1.5ltr's of water per day, I'm on day two......

Took a few trips out with the hubby over the Bank Holiday weekend, went to Cardiff Bay 3 days in a row, I know, THREE!.....first day we sat by the yatchts in the rain {my idea of bliss} and then took a walk around the Global World Market - stupidly forgot to take my camera, d'oh! It was raining so just imagine everything wet! lol!

Second day was a lot more sunnier and warmer, well hotter in fact, phew! Went over the other side of the bay and sat on the bank watching the powerboats zoom around the bay {AGAIN forgot the blinkin' camera!}, decided we would book this for eldest son's 18th birthday and then afterwards a visit to Nando's - should be SO much fun!

Third day got up really early, parked up at the Bay and popped into Cadwallader's

for hot chocolate

some chose ice cream, bubblegum!

whilst watching raindrops

deciding to brave the elements, we took a wonder around the Bay

and finally the secret entrance to Torchwood

have a few more things to share with you but for now I will let you catch your breath!

I do, however, want to leave you with a pic of my new "best" friend

Meet Squishy!

because of her cuteness, she has an eternal place in Project Flowerpot!

have a chilled night or a fabulous day, wherever your are! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Congratulations on the sale! Your photos are fab and your jewellery is gorgeous! x

  2. Loving that green a pink, my idea of colour heaven!!

  3. Congrats on your first sale. And I love the sun-glasses! regards Stefanie

  4. hi there, love your blog! thanks for visiting mine.
    also, congrats on the first sale, a great feeling, isn't it. It's addictive.... :)

  5. Awesome! Congrats on the sale! I love your bright cheerful blog :)

  6. Just sending love to a fellow Doctor Who fan.
    and congrats on the sale.

    - Hali

  7. Hullo!!!!
    You are in for the Pay it Forward on my blog. Please could you send me your addy by email so I can fulfill my part of the PIF. I still need one more so if any of your readers want to take part send em my way. :o) (after you have your three of course). xx

    Fiona @ Christals Creations.

  8. Hey Sue...congratulations on the sale!!!! are a great photographer...

  9. thanks for the lovely comments ladies, makes me excited you think the photos are good.....not something I think I'm particularly good at but your comments have made me smile :o)


    hello gorgeous xxx


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