Monday, 16 August 2010

Movie Magic!

Sandra Bullock

Sandra won her first Oscar for the character she played in The Blind Side....most of Sandra's films are romantic comedies but in this she portrayed a woman ~ Leigh Anne Tuohy {who I must say is not one to be messed with} and offers, through a random act of kindness, a teenager ~ Michael Oher ~ a place to stay for the night.  Michael, who has not had the best start in life stays and ultimately becomes part of their lives.

Leigh Anne {Sandra Bullock} and her husband legally make Michael part of their family and help him achieve his grades in school which eventually lead to Michael being offered a football scholarship.

{the real Michael Oher}

Michael is now playing in the NFL!!

I love this film for many reasons ~ it's a feel-good film, it's a true story, it has a happy ending but best of all I love the "no-nonsense, don't mess with me attitude" Sandra portrays Leigh Anne as having....wish I had some of that authority!!!

Go see it, rent it or buy won't be disappointed!

Oh! and CONGRATS to Sandra for winning the Oscar, she SO deserved it for this portrayal, I only wish she hadn't been cynical at receiving it!


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