Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Twenty Question Tuesday

The Crafty Goat Girl
{Heidi Green}

In your eyes, what’s Paradise?
Sitting on a peaceful sandy beach looking out at the sea.

Prized Possession
My three lovely girls, my Mum and my Steif Hamster {my childhood toy} sorry had to have all three.

Favourite medium to work with and why?
Bazzill Cardstock ~ love the feel of it!

Flowers or chocolate?
Chocolate every time, lol!

Who influenced you the most?
Crafting wise ~ Kirsty Wiseman, Life wise ~ my Mum.

Who would you most like to go to Dinner with?
Alan Carr for laughs, Richard Armitage as eye candy and Dawn French to talk girly stuff like shoes, lol!

Top Cat or Banana Splits?
Banana Splits, loved the theme tune!

Today I wore
Fav jeans and grey/blue stripey top.

Do you have a favourite online {bead, craft or textile} place to shop and would recommend
Little Claire's, The Craft Barn or The Glitter Pot, but I do shop around to get the best price especially on postage. Don't think you can beat Little Claire's though, £1 standard.

What inspired you to do what you do?
Again my Mum, she inspired me to do whatever makes me happy and crafting makes me happy!

McDreamy or McSteamy?
McDreamy, yum!

If you could do anything else, what would it be?
Owner of a craft shop obviously, lol!

Favourite item of clothing
My new Next t-shirt ~ brown with bling, lovely!

Best childhood memory
Walks in the bluebell woods with my Dad.

Most cringe-worthy moment
Walked into a mirror in Top Shop, Oxford Street in front of a famous DJ and knocked myself out. I awoke to find out that it was broadcast all over London.

Favourite holiday destination
Minorca as it is so beautiful and peaceful.

Which celebrity would you have as your best friend and why
Dawn French, she is such a hoot and I expect would be very loyal, I can imagine us chatting and drinking wine all night.

Best “crafty” tip you can offer
Always clean your stamps after use. I should practise what I preach, lol!

What’s your Star sign?

What would you most like to see happen next?
All troops to come home from Afghanistan.

Today's Twenty Question's was brought to you by The Crafty Goat Girl, Heidi Green. Heidi's creations have just been featured in Craft's Beautiful....congratulations sweetpea, well deserved!! ;o)

Thank you for taking part in Twenty Question Tuesday...


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