Monday, 23 August 2010

Movie Magic!

Danny Kaye
{born: 1913 ~ died 1987}

Danny Kaye was one of my all time favourite comedians, as a little girl and growing teenager there was nothing more I loved than curling up on the sofa, duvet enveloping me watching one of Danny's films.

His jovial quick wittedness, timing and uber-fast talking during some sequences left me with a cheshire cat grin throughout his movies.

{White Christmas: with Bing Crosby}

Danny was the kind of person I thought would be fab to have as a grandad ~ surely he would keep me entertained ~ at all times ~ he would be there if I needed to talk but most importantly when imparting his super-cool advice he would spontaneously burst into song *sigh*
SO cool....  :o)

I'll leave you with {and there are SO many to choose from} one of my favourite moments from one of his films

White Chritsmas {1954}

I love how the improvised slapping of the fan on Bing's chest, at the end of the number, has them both cracking up.....

He truly was one of the great actors :o)


hello gorgeous xxx

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  1. Aaahh I love Danny Kaye too, he seemed such a sweet heart didn't he.
    I also love that clip too, it's so funny & sweet.


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