Sunday, 19 September 2010

And the Moral of the Story is.......

Do you remember me telling you about this piece of gorgeous-ness?


A Giveaway by Cindy Wimmer at Sweet Bead Studio resulted in me winning!  Yes, I know....amazing!  It's such a gorgeous piece and will be a constant reminder of the beach......a place that I love!

Cindy posted the piece to me within the week and my count down of sleeps before it arrived began.....I was SO excited to receive it, it felt a bit like the countdown to Christmas.

Coming all the way from the States it arrived within two weeks but instead of receiving the gorgeous package I received a card telling me there was a hitch with delivery and that I needed to pay a custom charge....well, to say I was disappointed was an understatement, this would mean I would have to wait longer to get my hands on my prize! :o(

A quick email to Cindy just to let her know the package had arrived but was "vacation-ing" with Royal Mail for a few more days resulted in Cindy telling me that she had never encountered a custom charge before but that her husband had gone to the post office for her on that a little detective work on my part at Royal Mail led me to the "problem"....the "Gift" box on the custom label that's attached to the package had been overlooked and wasn't ticked.

A conversation here and there and a letter explaining everything to the UK Borders Agency led to the charges being cancelled and...finally....the package being delivered.....yaaaay!

Here is the package I received yesterday

and here is the gorgeous-ness that was inside


so the moral of the story is check everything....then double check! :o)

thank you Cindy, I love my new acquisition! :o)


hello gorgeous xxx


  1. Wow its really lovely Sue, you lucky thing!

    Jane :0) xxxx

  2. I am so glad you perservered and that the package finally made it to you! I am so sorry it was such a hassle. It sure took some twists and turns to make it your way. Thank goodness it is in your hands now! Thanks for sharing the's really neat to see it all safe and sound there with you! :-)

  3. It's beautiful, so glad it arrived eventually, it was worth it!


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